Meet Charbon



Chloë cultivated her talent during her 16-year tenure at the flagship location of one of the Northwest’s best-known salons. It was there that she trained and had an opportunity to learn the secrets of one of Seattle’s most influential hair stylists, Christophe Soltane. She was an educator and a member of the salon’s artistic team. While working with the artistic team, Chloë styled hair for numerous fashion shows in the Seattle and Bellevue area.

Her expertise and reputation also took her backstage to New York Fashion Week, where she worked for Kérastase with one of the most respected stylists of our time, Odile Gilbert. She contributed her artistry to fashion shows for some of the runway’s top designers.

Chloë has an in-depth understanding of her guests’ hair needs and considers their lifestyle when creating each unique style. Her inspiration is drawn from the eclectic style seen on the streets of Seattle, and her love for travel and fashion.



Rayna joined the industry when she was only 16 years old. Watching the artistry of the stylists from her first position in the housekeeping department, Rayna soon realized her dream was to become a stylist. She started her training with Christophe Soltane at one of the Northwest’s best-known salon’s flagship location, where she worked for 12 years. In that time she earned the highest level of training, and in turn became a mentor in her own right, teaching cutting and styling at the salon.

Rayna has styled hair for advertising agency product photo shoots, including the Clarisonic line of facial cleansing and body brushes. Her spectacular hairstyles have been featured on the cover of Seattle Bride, as well as receiving editorial coverage within the magazine.

Rayna has a love of creating tailored looks that bring out each individual’s beauty. Living in such a culturally diverse city, she finds her inspiration every day from the people of Seattle.



A native of the Pacific Northwest, Melissa started her career at the downtown Seattle location of one of the region’s most well-known salons, where she worked as a colorist for more than 10 years under her stage name, “Mason.”

Melissa’s drive and passion to inspire her peers has given her the opportunity to teach balayage, mentor other colorists, and be a salon/artistic leader. She is dedicated to giving her guests a color that is inspired by the natural movement, texture and color of their hair. She strives to give women the best color suited for their image, lifestyle and personality. Balayage, her love and specialty, has influenced all of her work through its principles of a customized color for each individual.

As a partner and the primary colorist at Charbon Salon, Melissa is looking forward to this next big step toward business growth. She is ready to take her passion, experience and skills on a new adventure in an exciting, bigger venue. Above all, she is inspired by her guests, and by the personal connection gained through trust and creating beautiful color.



Joanna has loved beautiful hair and makeup as long as she can remember—her first job was in a salon in Beaver Creek, Colorado when she was 16. Joanna believes in providing a luxury client experience through personalized, perfect color results and the highest-quality products.

Joanna trained at Paul Mitchell-The School and worked in several salons in Colorado before moving to downtown Seattle. She worked as a colorist at one of the Northwest’s most well-known salons, advancing through their training program, receiving numerous awards and recognition, including “most-requested new artist,” and becoming a color educator. Joanna recently traveled to New York City for advanced training to elevate her balayage technique at the prestigious Whittemore House Salon under Anna Teterina and Alyson Pemoulie.

Born in Wyoming and raised in Colorado, Joanna has called Seattle and the Pacific Northwest home for 4 years. 



Alaina was mentored by and shared clients with Christophe Soltane, traveled to Paris to assist Christophe Robin (one of the world’s top colorists), took advanced classes at Dessange Paris, and represented one of the Northwest’s most well-known salons on several learning excursions to New York.

She specializes in the art of balayage, and teaches balayage to other stylists around the country. Whether styling for the runway, collaborating for photo shoots, or helping her guests find their own perfect look, Alaina persistently pushes herself to increase her knowledge and skills.

Between her current home in Bozeman, Montana, and her regular trips to Seattle, Alaina is consistently inspired by nature, beauty, style, and creativity. Alaina is passionately committed to a lifelong pursuit of personal and professional growth.



Marcela began her career at 19 at one of the most well-known salons in the Northwest, gaining expert training in hairstyling and cutting. And completing up to 30 blow-outs every day, she definitely gained experience! Working under one of Seattle’s most influential hair stylists, Christophe Soltane, Marcela became an educator, training students in the art of the blow-dry.

Originally from a small village in Mexico, Marcela holds family very close. She values her client relationships similarly, getting to know individual routines, preferences, and styles, from edgy to sophisticated. Marcela is a master of curl, with a keen ability to shape, enhance, or control any texture.

In addition to regular hairstyling and design, Marcela is available for bridal and special occasion styling, and is keratin certified.



Lahiki is a master colorist at ease creating the most edgy, on-trend looks or enhancing soft, natural color. Her contagious laugh and warm spirit make it easy for her to bond with her clients from the very first visit. Forming real client relationships is key to Lahiki’s style—allowing her to create custom color for each client’s individual style. 

Lahiki began her career after bravely moving to Seattle right after high school from her hometown of Kailua, Hawaii to attend cosmetology school. After an advanced color training program, she joined one of the northwest’s most prestigious salons, where she worked for 15 years, gaining progressive training and mentoring new colorists.